Bunge Joins RailPulse™ as Inaugural Railcar-Owning Shipper

Bunge is the first railcar-owning shipper to join RailPulse. 

The transformative industry coalition is made up of forward-thinking railcar owners dedicated to revolutionizing shipping by creating a neutral, open-architecture railcar telematics infrastructure that provides real-time information on a car’s location, health and condition. 

Through Bunge’s participation, RailPulse gains a valuable partner committed to enhancing service levels, visibility, safety, and productivity within North American rail-based supply chains. 

“By joining RailPulse as the first railcar-owning shipper, we are taking a proactive step toward driving positive change and digital transformation within the rail shipping industry,” said Terry McDermott, Director of Supply Chain – North American Rail at Bunge. “RailPulse’s open-architecture platform aligns with our vision of harnessing technology to improve operational efficiencies, optimize supply chain performance and ultimately better serve our customers.” 

RailPulse was formed in 2020 as a coalition of forward-thinking railcar owners working together to increase safety, efficiency, and visibility in the rail industry by supporting the development and use of GPS and other telematics technologies. 

“While the rail industry has lagged behind other transportation sectors in terms of digitalization, RailPulse aims to transform this landscape,” said David Shannon, General Manager of RailPulse. “With Bunge on board as our inaugural railcar-owning shipper, we are poised to drive tangible improvements by leveraging advanced technology and fostering collaboration among industry players to ensure high quality service.” 

RailPulse believes that the future of rail shipping requires a unified, industry wide approach that fosters a culture of innovation, and utilizes cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency and service.  By providing a neutral and open-architecture infrastructure, RailPulse invites railcar owners, railroads and other stakeholders to join forces and collectively shape the industry’s future. 

About RailPulse

RailPulse, formed in 2020 by a diverse group of industry leading stakeholders, includes Norfolk Southern Corporation, Union Pacific Railroad, GATXGenesee & Wyoming Inc.Watco Companies LLCThe Greenbrier Companies, Railroad Development Corporation, and TrinityRail. The group aims to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of GPS and other telematics technology across the North American railcar network to significantly increase visibility, efficiency, and safety.

About Bunge 

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